Kaleido is a tool that is designed to help visual-thinkers program. You can use Kaleido to create personally meaningful visuals for your code. Kaleido allows individuals to plan, organize, and navigate code in the idiosyncratic way we each think.
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See what others have been doing with Kaleido in the Gallery. Kaleido is based on the Processing project.

Kaleido Demo from Agnes Chang on Vimeo.


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The source code has been made available here via github.


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Kaleido website going live!

Make Notes
Like the writing process, jot down ideas, daydreams, to-do's, etc. in the margins as you compose your program.

Be freed from the restrictions of code diagrams — use Kaleido to depict what makes the most sense to you.

Make digital napkin sketches to plan before you program and then use those sketches to navigate your project.